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Motorcycle GPS Tracker:
This GPS tracking device will keep track of your motorcycle should your bike get stolen. Bison Motorsports carries one of the smallest GPS tracking devices on the market. Easily hide the GPS tracker inside your motorcycle and keep track of where it is at all times on your phone through the app or on your computer. This is a very small investment for piece of mind.

Protect Your Motorcycle: Only 39% of all stolen motorcycles get recovered and over 47,000 motorcycles are stolen in the U.S. annually. With Trackimo GPS tracking device, you can view the location of your motorcycle, anywhere, anytime. Trackimo’s unique system was designed to be highly informative and user friendly. It allows tracking the real time location of your Motorcycle. Trackimo will send you alerts via email or text message to notify you that that your motorcycle has or if any movement is made.

How Does it Work? Simply attach your Trackimo GPS tracking device to your motorcycle and see the location information from the website or mobile IOS app. GPS and cellular technology sends the location information to Trackimo's servers where you can access the information from anywhere Secured and in Real-Time.